Matsya Avatara
(Prathama Avatara)

O Keshava, in the deluge that devastated the universe at the dissolution of the yuga, you incarnated yourself as a fish and saved the Vedas. Victory to the Lord of the Cosmos, Hari!


Kurma Avatara
(Dvitiya Avatara)

O Keshava, during your incarnation as a tortoise the earth stood firm on your broad back which grew even larger with the callus caused by bearing the burden. Victory to the Lord of Cosmos, Hari!


Varaha Avatara
(Tritiya Avatara)

May you be granted good fortune by He who in His Boar incarnation raised the earth from the ocean and with his dazzling tusk traced in the sky the plan of the universe to be created by Brahma.


Narasimha Avatara
(Chaturtha Avatara)

O Keshava, when you appeared as a man-lion avatara the sharp nails of your lotus-like hands sliced the body of Hiranyakashipu as if it were a bee. Victory to the Lord of Cosmos, Hari!


Vamana Avatara
(Panchama Avatara)

May the three strides of hari, when he tricked Bali and was praised by gods and demons alike, protect the three worlds. The father of the three worlds, Hari, bears on his head the sacred water offered by Brahma for washing the lotus feet of the Dwarf incarnation, Vamana.