Inside the House

The most important place in the house is the place of worship, the poojaghar. As far as possible the poojaghar should be in the north-east of the house. In the event of the house being too small to have an exclusive poojaghar, one can atleast have the place of worship in the north-eastern side. Place it in such a fashion that the deity would face the west while the one who performs the pooja would face east.
Photographs or images of two different deities should never be placed in front of each other. If the number of deities are more than one, they should be placed in one straight line.

  1. Bedroom: The bedroom should be in the southern or the south-western part of the house & it should be arranged in such a way, that whoever sleeps there would have his head towards the south & his feet towards the north. On awaking up one should have ones sight set in the north, the abode of Lord Kubera, who showers prosperity.

  2. Godown for grains & food materials: The family never faces shortage of food & grains if the north-western side of the house is spared for storing them. Metallic objects, not being used, can also be stored in this room. But since the south-west direction is supposed to be the abode of demons, the poojaghar should never be located in this direction. This room should have the minimum number of doors & windows & these should be as small as possible. This room should be dark-coloured & should never be used for auspicious ceremonies.

  3. Sitting Room / Living Hall: The living room is an important part of the house. Hence it should be in the northern portion. Its door should open either to the north or the north-east. The furniture in this room should be placed in the southern & the western direction. It is always better to leave the northern part of this room open.

  4. Bathroom: The bathroom in the house should be in the north, the east or the north-eastern direction. A bathroom in the north-east of the house brings in prosperity. If it is in the eastern-side, it ushers in physical well-being along with prosperity. A bathroom located in the south-east of the house is not good for the health of the lady of the house.

  5. Toilet: The south-east is the ideal direction in which to have a toilet in the house. The west is also passable. But toilets should never be constructed in the north, the east or the north-eastern directions.

  6. Kitchen: The kitchen should be located in the south-east of the house. Appliances like stoves should be kept in the south-eastern direction in the room. The arrangement should be such that the one who prepares food would have his /her face towards the east.

  7. Dinning hall: The west of the house is ideally suited for the dining hall. While partaking the food one should sit facing the east. This arrangement makes everybody contended & peace prevails among family members.

  8. Veranda: The eastern & northern sides are ideal for making verandas or balconies. They should be short compared to the height of other rooms of the house.

  9. Wash Basin: Wash Basin should be either in the east or in the north. Due to such arrangement, one faces either east or north whenever the basin is used for different purposes like washing hands, face or shaving.

Important tips

  1. The main entrance should be in the east or north but should be in line with the gate of the compound wall.
  2. The wall of the house on the north-eastern side should have a minimum height.
  3. If the wall of the house in the east is high, it stalls the entry of prosperity, the goddess Laxmi, into the house. Therefore, it should be kept low.
  4. The southern side of the house should be as high & heavy as possible.
  5. In any room of the house a beam or column should not cross the center.
  6. The terrace or balcony in the house should be either in the east or the north.
  7. A well, a pole or a temple should not exist in front of the main entrance of the house.
  8. The slope of the house should be towards the east, the north or the north-east.
  9. The main entrance of the house should not be in front of that, of the opposite house.
  10. The upper storeys of the house should be constructed on the soutern or the western part.
  11. Cupboards in the wall should be in the southern or the western direction of the house.

Auspicious & Inauspicious

  1. A house without a roof or a ceiling, a door or window is considered to be inauspicious.
  2. A house is stated to be inauspicious if a house warming ceremony or vastushanti is not performed.
  3. A house with its entrance in the south is considered to be inauspicious.
  4. A house is considered to be inauspicious if someone has committed suicide in it.
  5. A house situated opposite a place of worship such as a temple or a mosque, is inauspicious.
  6. A house with a cat kept as a pet in it is thought to bee inauspicious.
  7. A house with a cow is auspicious.
  8. It is inauspicious if one faces Agni, as in the stove, cooking gas cylinder & so on, immediately upon entering the house.
  9. A toilet right in front of the house is inauspicious.
  10. Sickness becomes the order of the day if any animal is killed on the land of the house.
  11. If while digging the foundation of the house, water emerges, it is considered to be a bad omen.
  12. A pole in front of the main entrance is considered to be inauspicious.