How to identify directions

There are four main directions - East, West, North, South. They have been divided into 4 other directions viz.

  • Ishanya (North-East)
  • Agneya (South-East)
  • Nairutya (South-West)
  • Vayavya (North-West)
  • Urdhwa (Skywards)
  • Adhastha (Downwards)
  • Northward shift of sun (Uttarayan)
  • Southward is (Dakshinayan).

East - East is the direction supposedly belonging to Lord Indra, the king of gods. Sun rises in the east. It is considered most auspicious & holy of all directions.

West - Westward beginnings bring failure in any undertaking. Lord Varuna lives in this direction.

North - The north is supposed to be the direction of Lord Kubera, the deity of prosperity. The owner of a house, which has the entrance facing north, certainly becomes prosperous. While retiring in the night, one must place one's feet towards the north & one's head in the direction of the south so that one gets to see the north immediately on waking up in the morning & is blessed by Lord Kubera.

South - Yama, the Lord of death, is presumed to be the lord of the south direction. Houses with entrance doors in the south bring ill-luck to the occupants.

North-East - North-east is supposed to be the direction of the Gods & deities. A pooja room or the place of worship in the house, should be kept in the north-eastern direction. If the entrance of a house is placed in this direction it heralds prosperity, peace & progress for the residents.

North-West - Lord Varuna is stated to be the Swami of this direction. Wind originates from this direction & flows towards the east, this direction is favoured by Lord Hanuman. For immediate & certain success, this direction is chosen as the point of beginning in any undertaking.

South-East - The God of fire ( Agni), is supposed to be the lord of this direction, placed between the east & the south. The kitchen of the house should be situated in this direction. For ensuring their durability, electronic gadgets & appliances should be kept in this direction.

South-West - The corner between the south and the west direction is known as south-west direction 'Nairuti'. Demons have the authority to this direction. Therefore, it is banned for all auspicious functions. This direction should be filled with heavy unmovable goods.