Kali Mata Mandir At Haridwar, India.

Kali Mata Mandir, Haridwar Designed by
Temple Architect Subhash Bhoite

Kali Mata Mandir, Haridwar Designed by
Temple Architect Subhash Bhoite

Temple Ar. Subhash Bhoite with Ms. Kiran Sharma Menon & Company Staff at time of Bhumipujan

Shri Sunil Gupta & Family with Temple Architect
Subhash Bhoite
at time of Bhumipujan
Project Details

In memory of his beloved father late Amar Nath Guptaji, Shri Sunil Gupta inspired and visualized this sacred Kali Mata temple project at a holy place like Haridwar, U. A. India.

Kali Mata Mandir Project has been designed as per norms of Indian Temple Architecture and Hindu Vastu Shastra.

  • Two Structures are planned on a rectangular plot; 1. Temple and 2. Ashram building. The Temple is located in the North-East side of the plot entered from the main road on the east side. A 30 feet wide open space for pleasant landscaping is created in the front.

  • The temple planed in three parts, 1. Dakshin Dwar (Entrance porch) 2. Sabha Mandap (Prayer Hall) and Garbha Griha (Deity’s Sanctum). There are three entrances to temple.  Main from South, second from East and third from West direction.

  • The temples main deity; Shree Kali Mata is placed centrally in front of the main entrance door. The other eight deities in Mataji’s darbar will be placed in intricate artistic white marble carved Gokhalas (niches carved in walls). These Deities are 1) Shree Ganeshji, 2) Shree Ramji Pariwar, 3) Shree Radha Krishna, 4) Shree Laxmi Narayana, 5) Shree Shivji Pariwar 6) Shree Bhairav Baba, 7) Shree Sai Baba and 8) Shree Hanumanji. Shree Kali Mata will be facing south while the other deities will be facing east and west. Remaining main Gods like Brahma, Indra and other Dashawtar will be carved in temple marble stone cladding over interior walls. Brief description will be written over wall about all Deities placed.

  • The Temple is planned with south side entry as Shree Kali Mata is Shree Dakshineshwari (south facing).

  • The temple structure will be clad in heavy intricate artistic white marble carving work from interior and exterior side. Statues of Navagriha will be carved over exterior marble stone cladding.  Names of Navagriha as Hindu mythology are as follows: 1. Surya, 2. Soma, 3. Mangala, 4. Budha, 5. Guru, 6. Shukra, 7. Shani, 8. Rahu and 9. Ketu.

  • Three small pavilions are planned around the temple building. A Statue of Late Shri. Amaranth Guptaji will be placed in one of these in front of the temple entrance. Other pavilions will be used as covered sit-outs. The temple and its pavilions will be in the midst of a pleasant landscaping of assorted plants to create a peaceful atmosphere.

  • The Ashram building is adjoining the temple on the west side. This ground plus four storied building will provide A-grade accommodation to the visiting guests.

  • The ground floor accommodates the Reception, Office room, Caretaker’s room, Pujari room, spacious Dining hall, kitchen and Store room, etc.

  • The three floors above will accommodate 24 deluxe rooms with spacious balconies and attached bathrooms. The top floor has four suites with terraces for directors and VIP’s. Each floor would have a common lounge area as common seat-out area.

  • Exterior finishing of the guest house building will be white in colour matching with the temple building.

Mrs. Kiran Sharma Menon and Mr. S. K. Mathur are main key persons who are taking keen interest in work of this Temple project.

The project when realized will be a monument and a pilgrimage cum tourist destination in Haridwar enabling a number of devotees to visit the place and procure blessing of Shree Kali Mata, Ganga Mata along with other Deities in the Temple.

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