Parashurama Avatara
(Shashtha Avatara)

O Keshava, in your avatara as the Bhrigu Lord, Parashurama, you bathed the world with the blood of kshatriyas to wash away the sins of the world and soothe her anguish. Victory to the Lord of Cosmos, Hari!


Rama Avatara
(Saptama Avatara)

Sri Rama is Hari Himself known in the Vedanta as Knowledge-Bliss-Omnipresence. He assumed a maya-body to perform a divine mission. Just a glimpse of Rama brought heaven to his enemies like Ravana and others when they died, while his devotees like Hanuman and Vibhishana found fulfillment in life itself. May lord Rama bring prosperity to all!


Krishna Avatara
(Ashtama Avatara)

May Krishna, the son of Nandagopa, always protect you. He is the lovely boy who plays in Vrindavana beside the Yamuna river, and all are entranced by the sweet music of his flute accompanied by the humming of bees and the chirping of birds.


Buddha Avatara
(Navama Avatara)

In your avatara as the compassionate Buddha, seeing the killing of animals, you criticized the rituals that ordained such violence. Victory to the Lord of Cosmos, Hari!


Kalki Avatara
(Dashama Avatara)

In his avatara as Kalki, Hari will rise at the beginning of the night of the Kali Yuga, sword in hand. He is the one who is skilled in dispelling the darkness of aggression. May he grant us salvation!